Research and Development

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Tecfarm is primarily a design engineering company, outsourcing all manufacturing to a respected fabrication business. This allows us to spend our time progressing ideas for new or improved methods of non chemical weed control. Chaff carts have been our main … Continued

Controlled Traffic 3 metre Chaff Carts for 2018

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Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) has advantages of confined soil compaction and precision of operations. Automated steering has meant a very accurate system is possible. Tecfarm offers a CT Cart, sized at 30 Cu/m or 40 Cu/m with 3 metre track.  Careful … Continued

Cart fitout now available

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Professional fitout of Tecfarm Carts is now being offered by Westoz Boilermaking Service Contact Westoz Boilermaking Service on Facebook. or Tristan Friend 0428 540 323 After the expense of investing in a Cart it makes sense to achieve good setup. … Continued

A look at weed seed reduction options

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A low weed seed bank is the primary essential for cropping profitability in this high cost-low margin farming era, so it’s a vital management area for most grain farms. Whatever the type of farming system in an individual enterprise, rotations … Continued

Conveyor Conversion Kits

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Conversion Kits available The Tecfarm Draper Conveyor design is well proven in the field. The same assembly is fitted to all Smartcarts and can upgrade an existing fan type cart to a high capacity unit suited to today’s large headers. The kit … Continued