Controlled Traffic 3 metre Chaff Carts for 2017

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Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is being adopted on a number of Australian farms to gain benefits from confined soil compaction and precision of operations. Auto Steering has meant a very accurate system is possible.

Tecfarm Smartcarts with their large low pressure radial tyres, light tare weight and operation at a time of year where soil is typically dry, contribute little to overall compaction. We recognise though, the advantage of machines specifically designed to operate on the 3 metre track, now settled as industry standard for CTF.

Tecfarm will include a new machine in limited numbers with 3 metre track for 2017, so please give us a call if you are considering a new Cart and looking for a machine that is CTF capable.

Comments from owners indicate that with the Smartcart’s unique ability to control dumping height, it is possible to achieve low heaps meaning easy drive over at spraying time. The Tecfarm CT cart will also have this feature.

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