Revolutionary Seed-Mill Technology


See the latest WeedHOG 2024 Update in ‘Tecfarm News’

The WeedHOG uses a totally unique and innovative mode of action for effective harvest weed seed control. Simple. Low cost. Reliable.
Quad rotor unit; High capacity, with low power draw and minimal dust
WeedHOG Smallboar. Weed Seed Control for smaller harvesters
Utilises existing drive pulleys. Simple installation and removal
WeedHOG operates with minimal material buildup in high moisture conditions
WeedHOG’s efficient milling area. Power required is low. No excessive milling of chaff and straw. Less dust and less fuel. No remapping of engines needed

CT30 & CT40 Controlled Traffic Chaff Carts:

  • 3 metre wheel track                         
  • Light towing draft to suit a wider range of harvesters
  • Improved clearance in tight turns
  • Full monitoring of all functions
  • Strong, simple hitch to harvester front axle included as standard
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Very competitively priced

You can have full confidence in choosing a Tecfarm Chaff Cart – State of the art machines with a record that is second to none. Join the growing number of happy owners and reap the benefits of harvest weed control plus summer stock feed on your farm.