TEC3 - Smartcart crop and CT30/CT40   

4th May.  We have one only CT40 for immediate delivery. Freight free in WA ex Midvale factory. Beat the price rise and avoid the rush later in the year.

Some form of weed control at harvest is now normal practice on most Australian farms.

Tolerance to herbicides in many common weed species means every available method of control is to be considered.

Tecfarm’s industry leading weed seed collection machines break the cycle and greatly reduce herbicide reliance

Smartcart 30, 40 and 50 Cu/m carts have an excellent record of delivering year after year.

They continue to perform as premium machines on Australia’s large high tech farms. A perfect fit for Non chemical weed control and providing a valuable stockfeed reserve during summer.

 New from Tecfarm. The CT Series – CT30 & CT40 Controlled Traffic Carts:

The perfect fit for Controlled Traffic farms
  • 3 metre wheel track                         
  • Low oil flow and light draft
  • Suit small or large headers
  • Full monitoring of all functions
  • Strong, simple hitch to harvester front axle is standard with all carts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Very competitively priced

An excellent record for product and service means confidence choosing a Tecfarm Smartcart or CT30/CT40. Join a growing number of happy owners and reap the benefits on your farm.