Production capacity filled for 2018.

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 Tecfarm Carts are a popular choice again this year, so early ordering is a good plan, with advantages of secure delivery time and competitive pricing due to a more efficient production schedule.  It’s difficult to meet a rush of requests for late orders.    

Tecfarm continues to provide industry leading machines to assist in the Harvest Weed Seed Control battle.
Our wide range of models are:
SC30, SC40, SC50 (30,40 and 50 cu/m)
and the CT30 and CT40 (30 or 40 cu/m) for controlled traffic applications.

A simple, reliable Chaff Cart is a powerful tool to complement a chemical rotation plan and the benefits of a conveniently placed summer feed reserve makes good sense for mixed livestock/crop farms.

Give us a call soon if thinking of a cart for next season with your preferred delivery time assured. A small deposit will secure a build slot and means you have access to one of the best non-chemical weed control and summer feed systems available.

Talk to Matt: 0447 180 958. or Tom: 0428 611 309 to discuss any queries you may have.



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