Considering a cart for 2021? Please order early.

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 Tecfarm Chaff Carts’ remain popular. It is not possible to build a large number of unsold units to satisfy late demand so early ordering is vital to ensure a secure delivery time and the best possible pricing.    

Tecfarm continues to provide industry leading machines to assist in the Harvest Weed Seed Control battle.
Our wide range of models are:
SC30, SC40, SC50 (30,40 and 50 cu/m)
and the CT30 and CT40 (30 or 40 cu/m) for controlled traffic applications.

A good Chaff Cart is a powerful tool to complement your chemical rotation plan and for mixed livestock/crop farms the benefits of a conveniently placed summer feed reserve is a huge bonus.

Give us a call soon if thinking of a cart for next season with your preferred delivery time assured. A small deposit will secure a build slot and means you have access to one of the best non-chemical weed control and summer feed systems available.

Tecfarms’ Chaff Carts have been an important part of the business for eleven years with the Smartcart range proving to be Australias’ most popular machine for collection of harvest residue. Units number in the 100’s operating in four states.

CT Carts

After two years of development, the Controlled Traffic CT cart is proving well suited to all harvester sizes and perfect for either CT or conventional farms. The Chaff Cart concept is still popular with mixed farming operations, giving dual benefits of weed control as well as livestock feed for the lean times. A great combination.

Talk to Matt: 0447 180 958. or Tom: 0428 611 309 We are happy to discuss any queries you may have.


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