Chaff Carts return to Canada. Now the CT range is available to Canadian farms too!

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Tecfarm in cooperation with Feed Works in Manitoba is pleased to announce that the well proven Tecfarm Smartcart design is now built under license in Decker Manitoba and offered into the Canadian/North American Market.

The carts are attracting interest from Canadian producers wanting to use valuable crop residue as a feed source. There is also interest in using the cart for collecting hemp chaff for CBD oil extraction. Added to the usefulness of residue, control of potentially chemical resistant weeds is a very important aspect of cart use.

Cattle and sheep producers in Australia consistently comment on the feed value in chaff dumps for the lean times over summer. Having assurance of a cheap reserve over the long Australian summer or harsh Canadian winter, gives confidence to increase the number of head carried year round, with stock often gaining condition whilst grazing dumps.

So after leaving its’ Canadian origins some 40 years ago, and further development in Australia, the Chaff Cart is now a modern machine suited to high capacity combines and the concept returns home. The Carts are branded “Boomerang Chaff Cart” and sold by Feed Works of Wawanesa, Manitoba. Contact Eldon Obach 204-596-8161. Email:

Baling is a very successful method for storing and transporting chaff for sale