Research and Development

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Tecfarm is primarily a design engineering company, outsourcing all manufacturing to a respected fabrication business.

This allows us to spend more time progressing ideas for new or improved methods of non chemical weed control.

Chaff carts have been our main focus for around ten years with the Smartcart range proving to be Australias’ most popular machine for collection of harvest residue, with units numbering in the 100’s operating in four states.

After two years of development, the Controlled Traffic CT cart is now available and is well suited to all harvester sizes and perfect for either CT or conventional farms

While cart design has been happening, we have cautiously progressed our other main project, which isĀ a novel design for eliminating a high percentage of weed seeds exiting a harvester. We know the complex issues involved in producing a cost effective, reliable unit suited to larger harvesters and all conditions. The unique design concept means there is no prior art to build upon, so every aspect has to be tried and proven. Commercial release will be only after sufficient testing, when we are convinced of the efficacy of the design. Results so far are positive.