Chaff Carts

Two more, ready for the job

Tecfarm’s Smartcart 30, Smartcart 40 and Smartcart 50 –  smart solutions to an enduring problem


What is a Chaff Cart?

A chaff cart is a machine used during harvest to capture and control the distribution of weed seeds along with the chaff. This primarily enables non-chemical weed management, greatly reducing the risk of herbicide resistance. For farms with livestock the system also concentrates a valuable feed reserve in heaps, making it much more accessable to livestock than when seeds are spread at harvest. The chaff is also a good base for feedlot rations, having useful tested protein levels.

How does it work?

The concept is simple. The cart is towed by the harvester with conveyor belt positioned to capture the chaff including weed seeds, exiting the harvester. The cart places the chaff in neat operator controlled heaps containing the problem weed seeds, allowing several management options.

What makes the Smartcart “Smart”

  • Exceptional reliability and functionality is a feature of Tecfarm Carts. With numbers well into 100’s now with no structural failures and very simple, minimal maintenance, Smartcarts are a well proven machine.
  • Innovative clamshell design – a lot of thoughtful design went into the Smartcart. The clamshell principle allows for a strong build with clean form, good bin capacity and unique options for controlling dump height. The Smartcart is so precision built it will even hold water! so losing seed from the bin (as can happen with some designs) is not an issue.
  • Smart Hitch –  A Tecfarm exclusive attachment system is integral to the carts’ successful design, confining dynamic forces to within the hitch itself and not transferred to the structure of the harvester.
  • Capacity – available in either 30, 40 or 50 cubic metre models. The right cart for any farm size. Smartcarts handle the volume of residue exiting even the largest harvesters.
  • Reliable conveyor feed – the conveyor belt system has proven to be extremely efficient compared to traditional blower type chaff transfer systems – drawing much less power from the header while eliminating fan balance issues and reducing blockage risk. Maintenance is minimal, with long belt life.
  • Smooth operation – Designed to handle Australia’s demanding conditions, Smartcarts are simple and reliable. Large radial tyres make the cart easy to tow with a light footprint.  And good balance with single point harvester attachment are features that owners appreciate. The cart is easily detached if not required.
  • Programmable One-touch control – Smartcarts use our unique Tecfarm designed and built Smart Controller that takes advantage of the clamshell emptying efficiency and gives operator control over the shape of the heap, allowing easier summer weed spraying and “seed through” capability if desired.  Spreading out the heap also assists baling of chaff for transport to feedlots. The unit also monitors bin full, door open and belt speed, alerting the operator as required. A manual backup control is also supplied.
  • A growing number of Australian farmers operate Smartcarts as a proven, cost effective weed management tool. They reap cleaner crops and enjoy the benefits of reduced chemical reliance as well as providing valuable stockfeed that is otherwise lost. Tecfarm Smartcart owners report low power requirement with exceptional reliability and functionality in the field, Smartcarts are highly regarded in the industry, as verified by many customers returning to purchase second, third and fourth and in one case, fifth machines.

Tecfarm Chaff Cart designs are protected by Australian Patents 2011100910, 2011100919 and Registered Design No. 338660

Liquid Fertiliser Carts


Tecfarm also manufactures a liquid fertiliser cart, built to a very high standard with strong, clean design featuring easy serviceability and very low maintenance.

Designed as a simple basic unit, a good alternative for anyone considering building a unit on farm. The cart has standard 3 metre front and rear wheeltrack, ready for Controlled Traffic. Chassis’ are painted with high quality 2 pack primer and top coats to withstand corrosion.


Achieve the benefits of liquids such as: easy storage and application with precision placement and plant availability, reliably applied with a Tecfarm Fertiliser Cart.